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The Company

Anchor Sourcing incorporated in 2000, is one of the leading buying houses. Since the year of inception till date not only it has fostered its size by multifold but also has earned a reputation of professionally ethical & efficient player confirming to the expectation of its customers without fail. The very fact is well vouched by witnessing the long and harmonious history of relationship it shares with its renowned clients. This has only been possible by untiring efforts & uncompromising integrity exercised in monitoring/overseeing manufacturing, ironing out logistic issues & and delivering the product as committed.

Mission Statement

We deliver superior product and services. We will conduct our business ethically and strongly maintain bridge between customer and factory. Our work environment will be safe, productive and characterized by fair treatment, teamwork, open communication, personal accountability and opportunity for growth and development.


Our core operations are divided into two categories, Pre Production/Approvals and Production Monitoring. Effective management of the Pre Production - Approvals process is critical to delivering a great quality product on time. Our pre production team works with well articulated and well thought out timings and action calendars ensuring that each product is ready for production in the true sense before it gets handed over the production department for manufacturing. Timely approvals result the hassle free production without any stoppages. Each production activity is monitored closely for adherence to the start and end specified in the initial and action calendar.